What is WVPA?

WomenVote PA is the non-partisan action arm of the Women’s Law Project (www.womenslawproject.org) that connects a woman’s right to a full-range of reproductive health choices, economic security, and freedom from violence, with the importance of civic engagement, including the exercise of her vote.

We are focused on making WomenVote PA not only a resource for voters to learn more about legislative and policy initiatives, but equally as important, WomenVote PA serves as a community – both in the real world as well as the digital world – that uses education, collaboration and information-sharing to mobilize women voters.

We know that too many politicians just don’t get it.  Whether it is using the phrase “legitimate rape,” blocking legislation in support of equal pay for equal work, rolling back our reproductive rights, or limiting protections for victims of domestic and sexual violence, WomenVote PA is active in educating our network to influence federal, state and local legislation that affects women’s lives.

Our goal is to improve the status of women in Pennsylvania through voter education, increased civic engagement and voter participation and development of a progressive statewide agenda to improve women’s status.  By educating women (and progressive men) about how the political process affects them personally and by connecting issues such as health care, economic security, and safety to voting, we expect to increase the voting participation and civic engagement of women, thereby positively and directly impacting public policy in Pennsylvania and the nation.

WomenVote PA is led by nationally respected feminists Kate Michelman – author, political consultant and past President of NARAL Pro-Choice America – and Carol Tracy – Executive Director of the WLP and respected attorney who has been working for 30 years to advance women’s rights.