Support Earned Paid Sick Days in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh City Council was scheduled to follow in the footsteps of Philadelphia and many other cities and vote for Paid Sick Days last week. At the last minute, Pittsburgh City Council members put the vote on hold for one week to work with advocates to create legislation that we could ALL be proud to support.

Paid Sick Days PGH

Join us at a rally Thursday, June 30

The Women’s Law Project is working with state and local allies such as Pittsburgh United, the Thomas Merton Center and Raise the Wage PA to ensure that Pittsburgh’s paid sick days ordinance protects working people and the public health while safeguarding small business.

We know from the fight in Philadelphia that in order to succeed, we must stand together.

People should not be forced to choose between risking the health of coworkers and customers by going to work sick, or losing their job.

More than 50,000 Pittsburghers don’t have access to one single paid sick day. Access to earned paid sick days is stratified by income level and race, with low-income, black and Asian workers least likely to have a paid sick day.

What can you do to support earned paid sick days in Pittsburgh?

Join citizens and advocates in calling for a meaningful paid sick day ordinance in Pittsburgh at a rally Thursday, July 30, at 1pm at the Pittsburgh City County Building, 414 Grant St 5th Floor.

RSVP for the rally at the Facebook page for Pittsburgh United.

Learn more and sign a petition supporting paid sick days at

Are you a Pennsylvania business that supports a fair minimum wage? Sign here.

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Author: WVPA

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