Subjected to “Reproductive Coercion”

The health consequences of IPV are severe and devastating. IPV is reported to be one of the most common causes of injury to women, with injuries to the head, face, neck, thorax, breasts and abdomen occurring more often in battered women than in other women. Hospital emergency rooms see many of the short term effects, though patients often do not identify the injuries as due to domestic violence and medical professionals often do not adequately screen for domestic violence. Women who experience sexual assault as well as physical abuse experience 40-45% more health issues than women who experience physical abuse alone. IPV victims may also be subjected to “reproductive coercion,” which includes forcing a partner to engage in unwanted sexual acts, intentionally transmitting STIs, sabotaging birth control to impregnate a partner against her will, and controlling the outcomes of a partner’s pregnancy. Ultimately, IPV victims may experience life-long psychological trauma stemming from abuse.


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Women’s Law Project (WLP)

Women’s Law Project (WLP)

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