Time Off for Democracy

There is no specific Pennsylvania law providing employees time off to go to their polling place to vote on Election Day.

In 2008, WomenVote PA launched Time-Off for Democracy to encourage all employers to consider adopting policies that would allow flexible work schedules on Election Day. Time-Off at the beginning or end of the day can help employees, especially those with family obligations, to get to the polls and vote.  Because women still shoulder the majority of the responsibility as caregivers, especially of children, many mothers find it difficult to juggle work, family duties, children’s schedules, and sometimes it seems impossible to fit in time to vote on Election Day. It is all too easy to believe that one vote really doesn’t matter — but it does!

By adopting such policies, employers are leading by example in showing how important it is to be civically engaged in our communities and to participate in our democracy.  Read the proposed Time-Out for Democracy Policy in full here.

Pennsylvania is one of 20 states nationwide currently without any specific law requiring time off to vote. Policies that allow time off for voting are extremely important in Pennsylvania given the current restrictive voting laws and the stringent qualifications for casting an absentee ballot.

Author: WVPA

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