Solutions for Title IX


Local: Schools

  • Schools must take steps to comply with Title IX.
  • Schools must comply with the Pennsylvania Equal Rights Amendment’s requirement of equality under the law and prohibits denying opportunities to participate in sports based on sex.

Federal: Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

  • OCR must increase compliance audits and more effectively and efficiently process complaints. Students are in school for a short time and should be given relief during their academic careers.
  • The complaining party should be given a greater role in the administrative process, both in submitting and reviewing information relevant to the complaint and in determining the appropriate remedies to be included in resolving the complaint.
  • Increased staffing and resources for OCR will be required.

Federal: Congress

  • Congress should adopt a law requiring annual public disclosure of secondary school Title IX information so that schools, parents, and students can readily access the information they need to know if their school is treating their children fairly and to correct noncompliance with Title IX requirements.

State: Pennsylvania Department of Education

  • Pennsylvania should improve physical education in schools.
  • The Pennsylvania Education Department must audit physical education instruction delivered in its elementary and secondary schools, and restructure physical education to improve the quantity and quality of physical activity of young women.


Author: WVPA

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