Solutions for Abortion Rights


Solutions at the State and Federal Level:

  1. Abortion care must be affordable for all women who need it.
    • Medicaid should fund all medically necessary abortion care for low-income women.
    • Congress should repeal Hyde Amendment limits on Medicaid funding for abortions.
    • Pennsylvania should repeal funding restrictions in the Abortion Control Act.


  2. Abortion care must be accessible for all women who need it.
    • All legislative efforts to hinder women’s access to abortion should stop.
    • PA General Assembly should repeal the restrictions imposed by the Abortion Control Act that do not protect women’s health and impede access to care, including the 24 hour mandatory delay, biased counseling provisions, and parental consent requirement.
    • PA General Assembly should follow Pittsburgh’s example and pass statewide clinic buffer zone legislation.
    • PA Attorney General should enforce FACE.
    • PA’s Medicaid reimbursement rate for abortion in cases of rape, incest and life endangerment should be increased to reflect the reimbursement rate available through commercial insurance.

Author: WVPA

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