Make Voting Accessible

There is no specific Pennsylvania law providing employees time off to go to their polling place to vote on Election Day.

Fast Facts

  • In the 2012 presidential election, PA ranked 29 out of 50 states for voter turnout, with 59.9% of eligible voters casting ballots; in 2008 PA’s voter turnout rate was higher at 64.9%.
  • During the non-presidential 2010 general election, PA ranked 32 out of 50 states with a voter turnout rate of 42.4%.
  • Of the states that rank higher than Pennsylvania in voter turnout, 10 of them happen to have same-day voter registration.
  • Minnesota implemented same-day voter registration, and during the 2008 presidential election, it had the highest voter turnout in the nation at 78%! In fact the top four states with voter turnout rates greater than 70% have all implemented election-day registration.

Author: WVPA

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